Broken and Couch to Buckle Week 2. Or is it 3? Fuzzy starts and TrueForm Treadmills.

06.02.2020 | No comments
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When Bob tip-toed around this subject of getting him ready to run 100 miles in 8 weeks, he was literally just starting to run after on again, off again, pain management – where the pain was managing him versus the other way around. He asked if we could have a chat on the phone and texted me the following information:

“Ok. Now no judging…

😳🤪… Broken To Buckle (“B2B”)

Injured to 100 Mile Trail Run in 8 Weeks


Coming from existing chronic hip injury and using a TrueForm Trainer and hill repeats on K2 only, train 8 weeks to complete a 100 mile trail run in 30 hours in mid-July.


TrueForm Trainer

K2 Training Hill

PT for hip

Mitigating Factors 

– [ ] Injury

– [ ] Limited base, time to train

– [ ] Heat 

– [ ] Altitude

– [ ] Quads/downhills

– [ ] No actual course simulation


It was definitely cryptic, and yes, I was reticent until he launched into his plan of using the TrueForm treadmill. I asked for enlightenment, as I had not yet heard of this. He explained that it is a treadmill designed to work only when you have correct running form. It is self propelled, so you are in complete control of the speed. But if you lean to far forward it speeds up too quickly and you can get thrown of the back. If you are sitting in a bucket and heel striking, you likely won’t go anywhere. But the main idea for Bob to test was by being forced to run with proper mechanics and posture, would his persistent hip injury heal up while training? Would he indeed be able to rewire his compensatory pattern, get the muscles that should be firing to do their job, and relieve those overworked tissues?

Bob getting comfortable on the
TrueForm with friend Bruce Labelle looking on.

His earnest desire and eternal optimism to give this a try were enough for me agree to help him with a training program. I took a page out of Jason Koop’s “Training Essentials For Ultrarunning” for the minimum maximum hours of training per week to successfully complete an ultra marathon of 100k to 100 miles of 9 hours per week for 6 weeks starting 9 weeks before the event. Well, I’m willing to bet on the chronic training load of the years these men have been running will allow some wiggle room if they want to go in 8 weeks, or we can do it 9.

Don’s signing on to the project, as mentioned in the previous post, was to also use the TrueForm, be motivated to run, and do this activity with his good friend Bob. He is healthy, just needs to train. Bob asked if I would take Don on as well, and I happily agreed.

Now, the 2 or 3 weeks in is fuzzy since Don has been running some so he isn’t completely on the couch, and I’ve only worked with him for about 2, Bob about 3. What we do know is it will be in July at some point.

At this point, Bob is running more and more pain free everyday. I had the opportunity to try out the TrueForm this week, and gosh, I really hate treadmills, but I actually like this one!

Now, more about this treadmill! Research has shown that using it significantly improves a runners gait. In a nutshell, stride length is reduced, imbalances are corrected, stride angle is optimized, and these traits carry over into running off the TrueForm. And most importantly for Bob, the study claims that “As a result, the TrueForm may be a factor in injury and risk mitigation and promote healthy recovery.”

Now it is just do the work and see! Bob and Don are diligently following the plan, and I am watching their fitness improve.

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