Coach Meghan

Looking for some guidance in your long distance running goals? Frustrated with your lack of progress?  Let me help. Coaching helped me take my running to the next level. As a coach, I can help you do the same by offering:

  • A sound daily training program to take away your guesswork.
  • Assistance in setting goals for running and racing based on your past performances/injuries/life challenges.
  • Outside perspective that can help you prevent injuries and train smarter.


Waldo 2016 finish by coachee Andrea Thorpe

As a runner, I’ve used coaches to get me ready for every distance from the 5k to 100 miles. With their assistance I qualified and ran in the Olympic Marathon trials 4 consecutive times. I have completed Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run ten¬†times, all in under 24 hours, placing in the top 10 nine of those times. I have qualified and run on the World 100k Team representing USA eight times, and have two age group world records at that distant.

As a coach, I’ve worked with high school cross country runners, and adult marathoners and ultra marathoners. As a competitor, I have experienced many kinds of terrain and geographical challenges. As an assistant race director, I have experienced the needs of runners during a race from the fastest to the slowest. As a training partner, I have paced and crewed multiple times.


Pacing Mark Laws at Miwok


American River 50 Mile – pacing Craig Thornley

Running across the Sahara desert in Marathon des Sables