Meghan in the desert

Meghan running in the desert

When I started running, I didn’t have a lot of information or guidance, so several things would happen – I would run too far too soon and too fast and either get burned out, disappointed, or injured. I picked up several books from the library with great training advice and schedules, and that helped at some levels. However, what was missing was feedback, accountability, support, and flexibility. When I finally hired my first coach, I felt this huge sense of relief, and that my running mattered to someone. Over the next several years, I hired 3 different coaches with different perspectives and training plans, and I improved with each one. I also took the USATF coaching certification level 1 course, and the RRCA certification as well. My approach to planning a schedule then is an eclectic combination of what I’ve learned by listening and learned by doing. If you decide to give me a try, I will provide you with training schedule of up to one month at a time. I will incorporate all the information from the questionnaire and tailor a plan that I think will work for you. You can contact me via email or phone with any questions at any time. The most important thing you can do is communicate with me about what is, and most importantly, what ISN’T working. My philosophy is that there is no single best way for a runner to reach their goals, and that by cooperation and communication, we can work toward your goals together.

I am currently taking new athletes! Please contact me for further information.